Artist Statement

Yalili Mora (Trinidad, Cuba 1972)

Every work I make is a product of my life experience. Before realizing a work of art, I ask myself about the functionality, the impact and the capacity of critical thinking that my work can bring.

When I create my works, I start from an idea or a concept that I want to express and the materials that I decide to use become part of the concept itself.

Maybe because of the following ways of working I don’t really have what in art is called “a line of work”. Moreover, I don’t stick with a specific material: all my choices are taken based on the concept I want to express. When I create I like to explore new ways of working with the different materials without falling into monotonous repetitions.

The transparency of the material, the limits of the permissible, the private sphere, the public sphere, the travel and the journey, the movement and the space, the transformation and the passage of time and in some cases the seriality are all concepts that I somehow incorporate in my work, so that my creations work as a narrative thread in between all these different themes.

Another theme that particularly interests me and that I try to incorporate in my art is the journey that people undertake during their existence, towards what or where they are directed and what is their goal, their destination.

All along my career as an artist I’ve worked and experimented with performance, installation, objects, painting and photography (as an instrument to show the process of creating my work). Art helps me see things from a different point of view and it works as a mediator to concretize ideas and bring them to life.

I strongly believe that Art must be a generator of new significances, and this is my goal: to create new meanings through my art.

Yalili Mora Ramírez

Barcelona 2018.