Portraits. Silhouettes of another reality.

Silhouettes of another reality”

Serie: Portraits without apparent faces.

In Silhouettes of another reality I experiment with new places, stories, situations, ideas and societies. In this world it is impossible to find two people with the same cartography, that have walked down the exact same route. Along our existence we undertake different paths we do that voluntarily, or we follow suggestions, some paths are mandatory in our society and sometimes we are even forced to take them. No matter why or how we choose a specific path, everyone must take a trail or learn to swim his way through the ocean, even right after weaning.

The memory of all the directions that we took all along our life stays with us forever. In fact, all these memories they don’t disappear, they evolve for example when we choose to change direction and undertake another journey.

In this painting the background is plain, there are not extra elements that suggest different interpretations, just the central body that is the only and the main character. All the attention of the viewer concentrates on the silhouette, her posture and her clothes which, in this case, are the central elements of the work of art.

The works from this series immortalize a story through the silhouettes that, with their specific clothes and postures, tell the spectator so many different things of the represented character. More you look at the paintings and more details you see details that give you a context and a story.

"Silhouettes of another reality". Lower limbs of man and woman with plaid shorts and letters that form words
Silhouettes of another reality. Acrylic on canvas 2016. 1.60 m x 1.20 m.